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There is no doubt that the Internet can be a very useful source of information. However, it must be used with discretion. Information found on it varies from the sublime to the ridiculous. Some of it is scientific fact and some of it is not. Unfortunately, there is no way the casual user can know what is factual merely be reading it.

While the author checks and rechecks the information for accuracy before putting it on StainsFile, a serious user should always personally satisfy themselves that it is correct. Considerable effort is taken to ensure the information is accurate but errors are bound to slip in. For that reason, the user is responsible for checking the accuracy of information before using it in a diagnostic or research environment.


On each page there is a link to Google Translate, an automatic translation service. Please keep in mind that automatic translation, while it has improved significantly, is still not perfect. You should use common sense when reading the translation, but I hope it will be useful for non English speaking users of StainsFile. If you need instructions to use this service, please click on the word Instructions in the box which contains the link to Google Translate to the right.


If you wish to cite StainsFile as a reference, please use something like:–
Llewellyn, B.D.,
StainsFile Internet site,
Where xx is the rest of the URL to the page being cited.
Should you require a date, each page has the last revision date at the bottom.


Individuals and educational institutions may freely use the information on StainsFile, including downloading it and distributing it on CD, provided that no changes are made to the HTML coding nor the information contained in each page. You may not add pages so that they appear to be part of the site. You may, of course, include other pages on the same CD provided they are clearly not part of StainsFile. If you distribute the site on CD you may not charge for doing so, except a nominal amount for expenses. Any commercial enterprise who would like to distribute the site should contact the author.




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