Aniline Water


Ingredient Amount
Aniline 5 mL
Distilled water 1 L


Aniline water is a saturated solution of aniline in distilled water. It was a relatively common solvent for dyes in the past, and was employed when the maximum possible amount of a dye was required in a saturated solution or when solubility of the dye needed to be facilitated for some reason. The presence of small amounts of aniline in the water was believed to increase both the amount dissolved and the solubility in general of some dyes. The amount of aniline which will dissolve in water is quite low and not much is required to make a saturated aqueous solution.


  1. Put 5 mL aniline into a 2 litre flask.
  2. Add 1 litre of distilled water.
  3. Stopper the flask tightly.
  4. Shake well, using a mechanical shaker if available.
  5. Shake at intervals for about 48 hours.
  6. Add more aniline as necessary to ensure that some remains undissolved.
  7. The solution may be warmed to improve solubility.
  8. Allow the solution to cool and settle before use.
  9. Decant the clear liquid, ensuring that no aniline globules are present.




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