Kasten and Burton's Schiff Reagent


Ingredient Amount
Pararosanilin 50 mg
Distilled water 300 mL
Sodium thiosulphate 6 g

Dissolve the dye in distilled water. Add the sodium thiosulphate. The solution should decolorise immediately. Optionally, the solution may be boiled for one minute. The solution may be used immediately.


  1. The formula given in Humason specifies sodium hyposulphite. This is an older and obsolete name for sodium thiosulphate.
  2. The solution should be colourless or very pale amber. Brown solutions will often stain poorly. Usually these have been made from a batch of basic fuchsin containing too little pararosanilin.


Humason, G. L., (1967)
Animal tissue techniques, Ed. 2
W. H. Freeman and Company, San Francisco, Ca, USA




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