Paquin & Goddard's Iron Hematoxylin

Hematoxylin solution Amount Function
Hematoxylin 0.8 g Dye
Ferric ammonium sulphate 5 g Mordant
Ammonium sulphate 0.7 g
95% ethanol 25 mL Solvent
Glycerol 13 mL Solvent
Distilled water 75 mL Solvent
Picric ethanol Amount Function
Picric acid, saturated ethanolic. 6 mL Acid
95% ethanol 94 mL Solvent


Compounding procedure
Combine the glycerol and ethanol.
Add the hematoxylin and dissolve using gentle heat.
Dissolve the other ingredients in the water.
Add slowly to the hematoxylin solution with agitation.
Let stand for 24 hours before use.


  1. Bring sections to water with xylene and ethanol.
  2. Place into the staining solution for 5 minutes.
  3. Rinse with tap water.
  4. Differentiate briefly in picric ethanol.
  5. Wash well in running tap water to blue.
  6. Rinse with distilled water.
  7. Counterstain if desired.
  8. Dehydrate with ethanol, clear with xylene and mount with a resinous medium.

Expected results


  1. This was specified as an acid resistant nuclear stain prior to Paquin & Goddard's trichrome. It is also suitable for other methods requiring an acid resistant nuclear stain.


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