Cytoplasmic Granules Index

Although intracellular granules are frequently present in histological preparations, they are often difficult to identify with the H & E stain and may be required to be demonstrated more prominently. Most often this is to identify mast cells, tissue eosinophils and plasma cells, which may increase in numbers in various conditions, and Nissl bodies in brain cells, often as a means of estimating nerve cell distribution. Melanin is important due to its association with malignant melanomas, and enterochromaffin due to its association with carcinoid tumours.

The selective demonstration of other granules may only be required very infrequently for diagnostic purposes, if at all. Paneth cell granules, for example.

Intracytoplasmic Granules
Mast cells
Melanin & enterochromaffin
Nissl bodies
Paneth cells
Plasma cells




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