Sandifords Stain
for Plasma Cells


Staining solution
Distilled water 75 mL
Glycerol 20 mL
Ethanol, 95% 5 mL
Methyl green 0.15 g
Pyronin Y 0.5 g
Phenol 1.5 g

Tissue sample
Most fixatives should be satisfactory if fixation is not extended. Reagents which cause depolymerisation of DNA should be avoided. Decalcification may interfere with staining.


  1. Bring sections to water via xylene and ethanol.
  2. Place into the staining solution for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Rinse briefly with water.
  4. Dehydrate rapidly with acetone.
  5. Clear with xylene and mount with a resinous medium.

Expected results


  1. The reference gave no details of the method to use. The details above are from that given for Pappenheim's solution, and should be suitable as a starting point.
  2. Time and temperature of staining may need to be increased.

Gray, Peter. (1954)
The Microtomist's Formulary and Guide. p. 355
Originally published by:– The Blakiston Co.
Republished by:– Robert E. Krieger Publishing Co.




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