King's Silver Impregnation
for Amyloid


Ethanol 50%, 75%, 95%.
Sodium carbonate
Sodium carbonate, anhydrous 3.5 g
Distilled water 100 mL
Silver nitrate, 10%
Silver nitrate 10 g
Distilled water 100 mL
Carbol xylene
Xylene 3 volumes
Phenol 1 volume
Ammoniacal Silver
Silver nitrate, 10% aqueous 5 mL
Strong ammonia (S.G. 0.880) as required
Sodium carbonate, aqueous 6.8 mL
Distilled water as required

Add ammonium hydroxide drop by drop to 5 mL of the silver solution until the precipitate which forms just redissolves. Add 6.8 mL sodium carbonate solution and sufficient water to make up to 75 mL. For use, add a few drops of pyridine to each 10 mL of the solution.

Tissue sample
10-15µ free floating frozen sections of formalin fixed tissues. Collect into water and wash in a few changes of distilled water to remove residual formalin.


  1. Add pyridine to 10 mL ammoniacal silver solution and warm to 40°C.
  2. Float sections in the warm ammoniacal silver until they turn brown.
  3. Rinse with water.
  4. Place in 50% ethanol for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Quickly treat with 75% and 95% ethanols.
  6. Clear with carbol xylene.
  7. Mount sections on to slides and coverslip, using a resinous medium.

Expected results


  1. For the sodium carbonate solution use 3.5% anhydrous, or 5% crystalline.

King, L.S., (1948),
Atypical Amyloid Disease: With Observation on a New Silver Stain for Amyloid,
American Journal of Pathology, v 24, page 1095-1115




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