Acrylic Mountants

Under the trade names of Plexiglass and Perspex, polymethyl methacrylate is a familiar plastic. It is the polymer of methyl methacrylate. Gray pointedly did not recommend methacrylate mounting media, but one commercial product of this type is commonly used (Entellan).

Simply dissolve methyl methacrylate chips in toluene (or xylene) until the desired viscosity is obtained. It may be thickened by the evaporation of solvent or made thinner by adding more solvent. Plain, transparent polymethyl methacrylate should be used. Avoid coloured or opaque products as these contain additives which may interfere with coverslipping.


Gray, Peter. (1954)
The Microtomist's Formulary and Guide. p. 639.
Originally published by:– The Blakiston Co.
Republished by:– Robert E. Krieger Publishing Co.



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