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Type of FixativeName
Chrome formalin aceticNavishin
Chrome formalin aceticRandolph
Chrome mercury aceticRuffini
Chrome osmiumChampy
Chrome osmium aceticFlemming
Chrome osmium aceticChamberlain
Copper aceticBehrens
Copper picric formalin aceticHollande
Ethanol aceticClarke
Ethanol acetic chloroformCarnoy
Ethanol acetic chloroform mercuryLebrun, Carnoy-Lebrun
Ethanol acetic chloroform mercuryOhlmacher
Formalin10% formalin, formal saline
FormalinNeutral buffered formalin
FormalinFormal calcium
FormalinFormal sucrose
FormalinFormal ammonium bromide
Formalin cadmiumAoyama
Formalin ethanolFormal alcohol
Formalin ethanol aceticLüko, Tellyesniczky, FAA
Formalin mercuryB5
Formalin mercuryFormal sublimate
Formalin mercuryGomori 1-2-3
Formalin mercury aceticStieve
Formalin mercury aceticWorcester
Formalin zincZinc formalin
Methanol acetic chloroformMethacarn
Mercury dichromate aceticZenker
Mercury dichromate formalinHelly
Mercury ethanolSchaudinn
Mercury ethanol aceticGilson
Mercury osmiumMann
Mercury trichloroacetic formalin aceticSuSa
Dichromate formalinOrth
Picric formalin ethanolRossman
Picric formalin aceticBouin
Picric formalin acetic ethanolDubosq-Brasil
Picric formalin acetic ethanolGendre
Picric formalin acetic ethanol mercuryVan der Grift
Picric formalin trichloroacetic ethanolFTP
Picric mercuric ethanolPicro mercuric alcohol


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