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Documents (pdf)

Hematoxylin formulas Llewellyn, B D. 2013
Counterstaining hemalum Llewellyn, B D. 2009
Differential staining with acid dyes Llewellyn, B D. 2009


There is a lot of information contained in older reference texts. Sometimes these may be located and purchased at reasonable cost, but many are in poor condition. Some are being preserved in electronic format, usually by a computer scan which is then electronically converted to text with Optical Character Recognition software. To be usable these text files must then be corrected, usually manually and laboriously. Please keep in mind that these texts were originally copyrighted. Laws vary in different countries as to when copyright expires and the material becomes in the public domain. Please check the law in your own country as to whether texts provided here are copyright free.


The Microtomists Vade Mecum, 7th. ed. Arthur Bolles Lee 1913



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