The Author

Bryan D. Llewellyn

I am a Biomedical Scientist and have worked as a histotechnologist for about 40 years. I was born and grew up in the Edmonton and Tottenham areas of London, England.

I began my training at the Hackney General Hospital in September, 1960, and spent about a year there. Then I went to the North Middlesex Hospital for the remaining four years because it was closer to where I lived.

In 1965 I was successful in the Final Histopathology examination of what was then the Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology (now the Institute of Biomedical Sciences), and in 1969 was successful in the Special Examination in the same subject, becoming a Fellow of the IMLT as a consequence. After emigrating to Canada, I completed Licentiate (now Fellowship) certification with the Canadian Society of Laboratory Technologists (now the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science) in Histotechnology in 1978.

Following graduation as a technologist I worked at the North Middlesex Hospital, the Institute of Ophthalmology (U. London), the Health Sciences Centre (Winnipeg, Manitoba), and the Thompson General Hospital. After that I went to the Prince George Regional Hospital in the city of Prince George located in the Northern Interior of British Columbia, Canada. I was the supervisor of the Histopathology Laboratory there for more than 26 years. I retired several years ago and now live in Ladysmith, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island.

My main interest is in why dyes stain tissues, and how the process can be controlled. As I studied the subject I often had difficulty getting an explanation on why a particular procedure worked. It is out of this paucity of easily available information that the StainsFile web page has evolved. For several years I conducted correspondence courses on behalf of the CSLT (now the CSMLS) in histotechnology targeted to students interested in advanced certification, or who simply wanted to understand the subject more. Much of the information on this site derives from that. At any rate it reflects my personal opinions on the subject.

I intend to continue improving StainsFile for several years to come, despite my retirement. By default I am the author of each page, any other authors will be clearly identified.

I would appreciate receiving Comments about StainsFile, particularly on how it might be improved. If you detect any errors in fact, please do let me know.




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