Schaudinn's Fluid

Please read this article about the disposal of used mercuric chloride first.
Then read these comments about safe working with mercury compounds and cleanup of spills.

Schaudinn's fluid
Mercuric chloride, sat. aqueous   600 mL
Ethanol, absolute 300 mL

Schaudinn's fluid is used for wet smears in cytology, which are well preserved. It is unsuitable for tissue, being not much better than a simple solution of mercuric chloride.

Twenty to 30 minutes for smears is satisfactory.

Remove mercury pigment, otherwise there is no special treatment required.

Due to its mercuric chloride content this fixative will corrode metal. Metal cassettes, metal jar lids, metal forceps, metal rulers, metal countertops and all other metal objects must be avoided. This includes stainless steel, which may resist corrosion better than other metals but will still be affected. Dry paper towels are an effective barrier. Do not forget to dispose of them safely.


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Handbook of histopathological techniques, Ed. 2,
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