Newcomer's Fluid

iso-Propanol 60 mL
Propionic acid 30 mL
Petroleum ether 10 mL
Acetone 10 mL
Dioxane 10 mL

Recommended for chromosomes and the Feulgen reaction for DNA. It is said to preserve mucopolysaccharides well.

Note that dioxane is different from dioxin. There is a Wikipedia article on dioxane and another on dioxin.

Since this mixture contains suspect carcinogens and ethers, treat with caution and use in a fume chamber.

A few hours to overnight, depending on tissue thickness.

Transfer to absolute ethanol or clearant.

Culling, C.F.A.,
Handbook of Histopathological and Histochemical Techniques, Ed. 3,
Butterworths, London, UK.




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