Gilson's Fluid

Nitric acid 17 mL
Acetic acid, glacial   4 mL
Mercuric chloride 20 g
Ethanol, 95% 70 mL
Distilled water 900 mL

Dissolve the mercuric chloride in the water, then add the other ingredients.

This is a general purpose anatomical fixative popular with zoologists. As with all mercuric chloride containing mixtures, tissues will contain mercury pigment which must be removed. Davenport notes that the amount of ethanol is so little that it probably has no effect and could be omitted.

Fixation of averasge sized pieces of tissue should be complete after overnight treatment.

No particular treatment.


Davenport, H.A., (1960),
Histological and histochemical techniques,
W. B. Saunders Co., London, UK., Oxford, UK.




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