10% Formal Sucrose
(4% Formaldehyde Sucrose)

10% Formal Sucrose
Strong formalin   100 mL
M/10 phosphate buffer, pH 7.4 900 mL
Sucrose 750 g

The pH of this solution should be close to pH 7.4, but does not have to be too precise. It is unlikely to produce formalin pigment, unless very bloody tissues are stored in it for a long time without changing the solution, an unlikely situation.

Formal sucrose gives more protection to cytological components and has been recommended as an initial fixative for electron microscopy, if used at 4°C. Otherwise, it is used for phospholipids or whenever greater physical protection is needed for the tissue. It is not usually recommended as a routine formalin fixative as it is basically formalin in a light sugar syrup.

If used for electron microscopy, the fixative is applied at 4°C for an appropriate time, then transferred to the secondary fixative. Otherwise, as with the other formalin fixatives, it should be applied overnight as a minimum, days being better.

Apart from washing off the sucrose, there is no special aftertreatment.


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Handbook of Histopathological and Histochemical Techniques, Ed. 3,
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