Chamberlain's Fluid

Chromium trioxide 1 g
Acetic acid, glacial 2 mL
Water 90 mL
Osmium tetroxide, 1% aqueous 8 mL

Dissolve the chromium trioxide in the water, then add the acetic acid. Just before use add the osmium tetroxide.

This is a modification of Flemming's strong fluid. It is used for cytological preservation, chromosomes particularly. As with all of these osmium tetroxide containing fluids, the tissue should be 2 mm or so thick, no more.

Pieces less than 2 millimetres should be fixed within 24 hours.

Wash in running tap water overnight.

Note that these solutions do not store well, and enough should be made for a few days only.


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W. B. Saunders Co., London, UK., Oxford, UK.




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