Aoyama's fluid

Cadmium chloride 10 g
Strong formalin 150 mL
Distilled water 850 mL

The formula specifies that the strong formalin should be neutralised. Using a freshly purchased solution may avoid this, but if it does not, neutralise by layering the strong formalin over calcium carbonate (marble chips or crushed oyster shells) overnight in a loosely covered container under a fume hood. Never do this in a closed container. Enough carbon dioxide can be generated for the pressure to break a glass jar.

This fixative is useful for the Golgi apparatus and general morphology. Average sized pieces should be fixed within 4 to 12 hours. There is no special aftertreatment.


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Staining methods, histologic and histochemical,
Harper & Row, New York, NY, USA.




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