Elastic Stain


Humberstone's solution
Victoria blue 4R 1 g Ethyl violet 1 g Distilled water 200 ml Resorcin 4 g
Dextrin 0.5 g
Ferric chloride 30% (fresh) 25 mL
Ethanol 95% 100 mL
Phenol 10 g
Concentrated hydrochloric acid 4 mL

Add the victoria blue and ethyl violet to the 200 mL water.
Boil to dissolve.
Use an oversize flask to avoid foaming.
Add the resorcin and dextrin
Add the ferric chloride.
Boil for 3 minutes, cool and filter.
Place the precipitate and filter paper back into the original beaker.
Add 100 mL ethanol.
Boil gently for 15 minutes.
Cool and filter.
Restore the volume to 350 mL with 95% ethanol.
Add the phenol and hydrochloric acid.
The solution is stable at room temperature:



Formalin or formal sublimate fixation is satisfactory.
Paraffin sections at 5 micrometers are suitable.




Expected Results






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Last updated May 2005.
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