MSDS and Safe Working

Before using any of the procedures from StainsFile, ensure you have read, and understood, all relevant safety information. Listed below are some web sites from which this information is available. You should receive a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) containing safety information each time you buy a chemical, including dyes. Please read these sheets carefully, and follow their recommendations. Whenever possible you should use the information from the MSDS sheets provided with the items purchased for your laboratory. Use the information from these sites if an MSDS is not available locally, or is incomplete.

University of Vermont database
The database at Vermont is one of the most complete for MSDS information. It also contains numerous links to other sites, both for MSDS and for safety matters in general. Try this site first - it will probably give what you want.

Interactive Learning Paradigms Inc.
This is a comprehensive site, including MSDS information, numerous links to other sites giving MSDS and safety information, a glossary of terms used in MSDS's, and a good explanation of what MSDS sheets are all about. They have a facility to check text and Internet pages for words which are in their glossary, and then insert a link to their site to explain the word's meaning.

MSDS-Search has the laudable aim of collecting all MSDS data from all manufacturers. They appear to be well on the way to doing this, and they have links to many vendor's sites. This is well worth a look when you want to locate an MSDS.



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